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Indulge in Culinary Excellence at Mokka Bistro.

At Mokka Bistro, we take pride in offering a diverse and delectable menu to satisfy your every craving. From our hearty English Breakfasts, mouthwatering starters, and irresistible burgers to our savory casseroles and tantalizing seafood, every dish is carefully crafted to delight your taste buds.

Join us for breakfast, brunch, lunch, or dinner and embark on a culinary journey like no other. Mokka Bistro is where flavor and quality meet, creating delicious moments you won't soon forget.

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Reasons why you should choose us

Fresh Ingredients

Mokka Bistro prides itself on using fresh, high-quality ingredients. The chefs select the finest produce, meats, and other components for every dish.

Skilled Chefs

The kitchen is staffed with skilled chefs who are passionate about creating exceptional culinary experiences. They are trained to prepare dishes with precision and attention to detail.

Diverse Menu

Mokka Bistro offers a diverse menu that spans breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner. Each category has a variety of dishes to cater to different tastes and preferences.

Cooking Methods

Depending on the dish, various cooking methods are employed, including grilling, frying, baking, and sautéing. The chefs are adept at using the right techniques to bring out the best flavors in each dish.


The kitchen is accommodating of dietary preferences and restrictions. Special requests or dietary needs are considered when preparing dishes.

Warm Welcome

Upon entering Mokka Bistro, guests are greeted with a warm and friendly welcome by the restaurant staff.

Menu Guidance

If guests have questions about the menu or need recommendations, the waitstaff is knowledgeable and happy to assist. They can guide patrons through the menu to help them make the best choices.


Guests can place their orders with the attentive waitstaff. Orders are taken accurately to ensure that each guest gets exactly what they desire.

Timely Service

Mokka Bistro aims for timely service, ensuring that dishes are served promptly to maintain a pleasant dining experience.


Dishes are presented beautifully, emphasizing both taste and visual appeal. The restaurant takes pride in creating Instagram-worthy plates.

Quality Assurance

Before any dish leaves the kitchen, it is inspected to meet the restaurant's high-quality standards. This includes ensuring proper temperature, taste, and overall presentation.

Meze Style

For mezes and salads, Mokka Bistro may serve dishes in a meze style, which involves offering a variety of small, flavorful plates to be shared and enjoyed among the table.

Friendly Atmosphere

The restaurant cultivates a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere, where guests can savor their meals, have conversations, and create memorable dining experiences.

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